The pricing schema is on a per monitored server/instance basis – licenses may be interchangeable between servers and named instances.

  • Licenses for clustered server failover support are per node
  • The SQLCentric product includes the core components comprised of the main runtime and administration modules, plus X number of licenses purchased. Please inquire about our package deals.
  • The cost of each additional license will be discounted for the more server licenses purchased.
  • With any package purchased, 3-months FREE maintenance, technical support, service packs and minor upgrades are included.
  • Continued maintenance and technical support will be 20%-25% of the total purchase.

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Our prices are competively priced BELOW that of other major vendors for SQL Monitoring Software!

Site licenses and corporate discounts are available for enterprise-wide licensing.

Monitoring on a per-month basis. Plese inquire about our monthly monitoring plans.