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What is SQLCentric and what does it have to offer?

  • SQLCentric, is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-Centric Network Database Monitoring & Alert System, for your entire SQL Server infrastructure.
  • Supports SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2! – In addition to previous versions 2005, 2000, 7.0 & 6.5
  • SQLCentric is extremely easy to install, deploy, manage and use. No complex configuration.
  • Minimally invasive to the SQL Servers it monitors, and is a zero-impact solution.
  • No Agents, no triggers and no stored procedures installed on the monitored servers.
  • Integrates seemlessly with your e-mail system to provide auto-alerts and follow-up messaging.
  • Dynamic Disk Management monitors all logical disk partitions on a server.
  • SQLCentric’s CPU monitor will report on the _Total instance, providing the total overall CPU processor utilization, which is a good overall indicator of how busy your server is.
  • Monitor SQL Server Logs for any error, warning, or informational message that is logged.
  • Because reading from the cache is less expensive than reading from disk, you want this percentage to be high. So, we have added the BCH (Buffer Cache Hit Ratio) Monitor to monitor memory settings. You set the sampling interval as well as the alert threshold.
  • Max Job Alerts will allow the user to set the number of times to be alerted for a particular failed job; it will then reset the alert for the following run time of the job.
  • Identify troublemakers that cause poor performance by monitoring blocked processes, long running queries, and be alerted as to the offending TSQL of the lead blocker causing the contention, at the time it was detected.
  • SQLCentric is cluster aware, and its built-in cluster failover support will monitor and alert you when a cluster fails over from one node to another.
  • The SQLCentric Scheduler Manager will let the user manage the run-time schedule of SQLCentric right from the Adminstration Module.
  • Historical Run-Time Reporting and trend analysis lets the user select their servers, statistical measures, and date parameters, to generate trend analysis output based on the run-time of the SQLCentric monitoring system – with graphing capability.
  • Quick reports will let the users generate a real-time snapshot of active monitored servers, for such things as server uptime, sql uptime, sql jobs, sql server configuration.
  • Graphical Status Displays are available to some of the drill-down page views, and make any page suitable for printing. Including Disk Status, Buffer Cache/Memory Status, CPU Status, and Net Database File Growth, where you can track overall database growth based on backup history.
  • With the ability to authenticate monitored servers via SQL Authentication, Windows, or Mixed, users will be able to monitor SQL Servers in Non-Trusted Domains, DMZ/firewalls, and literally SQL Servers all around the world!