Why Managed DBA Services?

Read Pearl Knowledge Solutions’ article on Fixed Cost IT Management appearing on, and find out some of the benefits.

Remote DBA Services

  • DB Infrastructure Audit
  • Overall health check
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Security vulnerability
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Migration & upgrade
  • 24x7x365 Database Monitoring

Why use Remote DBA Services?

  • Tremendous cost savings and ROI
  • DBA Expertise at your disposal
  • No need to hire DBA staff in-house
  • Supplementary DBA assistance with existing DB staff during peak demand
  • An outsourced solution that’s not vulnerable to internal IT turnover
  • Training and knowledge sharing that limits dependence on outside services
  • Highly structured level of management and support

Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is now offering quality DBA managed services and remote monitoring from its network of skilled DBA experts! In this tough economy, what is the best most cost-effective way to maintain your database infrastructure and secure your company’s most precious asset – your data? Sometimes the decision to hire a full-time DBA is necessary – but if you cannot, why not let us manage your database systems, for a fraction of the cost, and rely on our several years of industry expertise to mitigate the risk of downtime, turnover, and corrupt or compromised databases?

We offer a wide-range of DB services, whether its project based, via additional DBA resources, or on-going maintenance and monitoring. Continuous monitoring of your sql server infrastructure to insure maximum uptime. Each of our clients will receive regular reports on the state of their database environment.

Please visit our web-site and contact us at for more detail.

We will provide you a comprehensive SQL Server System Audit and Report, and if you decide to retain our services, we will set priorities and remediate your issues! We will make further best-practice recommendations and cost-saving strategies that improve productivity without breaking the bank.

What will we do for you?

  • Establish a service level agreement (SLA) based on your company’s needs
  • Document and Inventory your SQL Server/Database Infrastructure
  • Enforce standards, Secure data and ensure adherence to industry best practices
  • Implement the best solutions available
  • Reduce overall down time
  • Maximize the utilization of existing resources and ROI
  • Reduce time & cost of operations and management
  • Address issues/tasks in the shortest possible time frame
  • Improce overall perfomance of the database environments
  • Provide better services to customers